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At OneLearn Global we truly see ourselves as a paradigm shift, focusing on modern-day learning techniques aimed particularly with Millennials and the Gen Z in mind. This generation of people are native digital generations, aces at Googling, who behave and learn differently due to their lifelong relationship with technology.

Our extremely powerful cloud-based LXP platform has been designed to deliver an exceptionally user-friendly, engaging and intuitive learning experience through the use of digitalisation.

Our team produces what can only be described as some amazing content: Fresh, bright, agile and really motivating, we deliver training at the point of need, to optimise the learner experience.

The biggest game changer for us at OneLearn Global is in the length of our courses. We have intentionally kept our course length to around 15-20 minutes, including assessment!

Unlike a physical classroom environment, at OneLearn Global we are available 24/7. This is a distinct advantage, especially given the wide geographic spread of our customer base. Due to the various locations and associated time zones, this is also of particular importance so far as the maritime sector is concerned. Another benefit is that users can study both specific and pertinent courses prior to embarking on board a vessel or, for shore-based staff, as pre-joining training prior to employment.

Our state-of-the-art game-changing solutions empower organisations to take charge of delivering personalised learning experiences to their workforce. Our modern and intuitive digital platform not only encourages exploration, but also effectively addresses skill gaps, ensuring that your learner ecosystem remains engaged, compliant, and always up-to-date. With an administrator-controlled application that provides recommended training options on users’ homepages, you can effortlessly match qualifications with specific training requirements. Furthermore, our robust API framework allows seamless integration into your existing platforms, offering a versatile learning solution tailored to your needs.

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OneLearn Global is delighted to offer you a breakthrough technology solution that will disrupt traditional modes of connect and presentation for years to come, we proudly present you the Proto Hologram.

Proto is a new innovation, set to revolutionise long-distance communications, enabling a truly real-life, real-size digital presence through volumetric display. Beam your top experts, advisors and board members, real-time, LIVE to your regional offices to enhance in-person visits, reduce travel expenses, and offset carbon footprint.

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