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OneLearn Global Diversity course heralds a new age of interactive communication in a globally inclusive era

OneLearn Global, a leading provider of training solutions for the maritime, energy, hospitality and industrial sectors, is launching its new interactive eLearning programme, raising awareness and inspiring greater understanding of the cultural differences generated among a globally diversified workforce.

The OLG Diversity course is designed to help company managers and employees take advantage of cultural differences and provide equal and fair access to opportunities at a time of increasing globalisation.

The highly interactive Diversity course will enable participants to apply the concepts of diversity and inclusion and give them the valuable skills and tools necessary to support a diversified workplace.

The training is covered through a series of six individual programmes that will focus on Equality, Equity and Diversity, key characteristics of a diversified personnel, why we should embrace diversity, overcoming obstacles and how to improve diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Students will be guided through the on-screen tuition with scenario-based activities, assessments, and audio-visual content. The course contains interactive content, and assessments for all types of learners.

Learners will be able to take OLG’s Diversity course and the subsequent assessment online, using their computers or smart devices. Student progress, completion and assessment scores will be stored on OLG’s Learning Management System (LMS) platform.

Upon completion of the course, participants will understand and be able to explain the difference between Equality, Equity and Diversity. They will recognise the importance and benefits of having a diversified workforce and suggest simple ways that diversity can be embraced and enhance working environments. Participants will have understood and also be able to identify which behaviours are considered as discriminatory in the workplace.

OLG’s newly appointed CEO, Abhinava (Abhi) S. Narayana, said “Developing a greater understanding of the impact that a diversified workforce brings to an organisation is becoming increasingly important and is imperative for companies who wish to maintain a competitive edge.

This course is a highly interactive program that will bring awareness to all participants. It will inspire the employees and managers to apply the concepts of diversity and inclusion and encourage individual behaviours that will benefit a more inclusive culture and a diversified workplace.”

Upon completion of the eLearning Diversity course, participants will be invited to provide their feedback via the LMS survey.

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