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Learning Experience Platform (LXP)
Your Team

With the help of a cutting-edge, user-friendly digital platform our next-generation Learning Experience Platform (LXP) gives you the power to provide your staff with individualised learning experiences. Our technology lowers skill gaps to manage an engaged, compliant, and updated learner ecology while simultaneously promoting discovery. Your users are informed directly on the Learner screen about training programmes that meet their qualifications and your specific training requirements by the administrator-controlled application for recommended training. Additionally, we encourage our clients to incorporate the LXP into their own application ecosystems through a robust API structure.


At OneLearn Global our onboard training solutions allow crew members to finish their pre-joining training virtually and continue honing their abilities while on board. Numerous courses on HSSE and well-being themes are available in the LXP, amongst other things. In addition to participating in social learning activities, interacting with the courses, posting comments in the discussion forums for each course, and collecting points to compete with their peers, learners can also benefit from AI-based suggestions. There is also an optional feature of attending virtual classrooms.

The LXP, has been designed to enhance skills development where a training matrix and competency management system are included.