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Our Products and Services

OneLearn Global’s world class and award winning Learning Experience Platform (LXP) delivers modern learning techniques. We deliver training at the point of need, across devices, to optimize the learner experience and, in turn, we drive engagement through certifications and award badges for positive encouragement and reward.

Learning Management System

OneLearn Global’s next-gen Learning Management System (LMS) puts you in control of delivering personalized learning experiences to your employees using a modern, intuitive digital platform. Our LMS not only encourages exploration, but also reduces the skill gaps to manage a learner ecosystem…


eLearning, by its definition, is a learning system based on formalised training, assisted with the help of electronic resources, primarily through the use of computers, mobile devices and the internet. Accessible anytime, any location and when needed most, users are…

Training 24/7

Unlike a physical classroom environment, OneLearn Global is available 24/7. This is a distinct advantage, more especially given the wide geographic spread of our customer base. Due to the various locations and associated time zones, this is also of particular…

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