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Stowaways at sea


Course Overview

Learning objectives:
At the end of the training course the participant shall:
·       Identify the threats and problems caused by the stowaways at sea
·       Understand the stowaways and their motives
·       Explain how to mitigate the risks of stowaways boarding
·       Outline a ship specific search plan
·       Define the responsibilities of the crew in case stowaways are found onboard
Section 1: Definitions
Section 2: Impact of Stowaways on Shipping Business
Section 3: Geographical Areas of Increased Risk for Stowaways Boarding
Section 4: Preventing Measures
Section 5: What in Case the Stowaways are Found Onboard
Section 6: Trainings and Drills
Section 7: Stowaways on Yachts and Leisure Boats

Target Audience:


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