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Course Overview

The world has always been a difficult place. Many of us are trying to deal with continuous change especially when you are on board.
People with strong levels of resilience perform well in the face of constant obstacles and intense stress. They are resilient, adaptable, collaborative, and innovative. They can concentrate on and achieve their goals even in the face of difficulty.
Welcome to the course on resilience.
This course is intended to teach you the principles of resilience and to give you with practical skills that you can use right away to make a positive difference during your time on board.
At the end of the training course the participant shall:
Understand what resilience is and why it is essential in the workplace
Recognize characteristics of low resilience in your staff and team
Support and mentor employees with low resilience
Section 1: Define resilience and explain why resilience is essential
Section 2: Identify the factors that make a person more resilient
Section 3: Skills and tools to build your resilience

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