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ISM Code Basics


Course Overview

   Course Description:
·       This course aims to assist the trainees in the requirements and use of the IMSBC Code and its application.
·       This course will provide a detailed guide to ship’s officers and crew, shipping companies and ship operators involved in cargo operations on the safe carriage of solid bulk cargoes.
·       Included in this course are latest updates, supplements and information on the use of IMSBC Code.
·       The course will feature case studies of real incidents at sea.
·       It will help the learner understand on how to maintain safe and effective cargo operations by identifying safe procedures and practices during the carriage of bulk cargoes.
   Learning objectives:
At the end of the training course the participant shall:
·       Define what is IMSBC Code and its application.
·       Understand the objectives of IMSBC.
·       Classify different types of cargoes.
·       Distinguish the layout of IMSBC Code.
·       Familiarize the latest amendment of IMSBC Code
·       Familiarize the form for Cargo Information for solid bulk cargoes
·       Discuss the carriage of solid bulk cargo.
·       Analyze and understand different case studies

Target Audience:


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