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Influence: Credibility-Maximizing Core Influence (Adaptive Learning AI)


Course Overview

Understand how to use trustworthiness and expertise to inspire belief with those people around you. Discover ways to build credibility and playing devil’s advocate against your case. Understand how to restore lost credibility using tools such as apologizing, explaining and recovering with a plan.
What is Adaptive Learning:
Adaptive Learning creates a unique personalized learning journey that adapt to the needs of each learner using intelligent algorithms and probes. For more information please view this video:
About Chart Learning Solutions:
Chart Learning is a world leader in leadership training content and award-winning soft-skills development. They develop people in leadership, sales, customer service and team performance. The company has researched critical competencies and developed an education/training methodology which gives sustainable learning results. All soft skills courses are internationally award-winning, with awards from Brandon Hall Group and Training Industry, Inc.

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