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Difficult Conversations 101 from Mind Tools for Business (Emerald Works)


Course Overview

About Difficult Conversations 101 from Mind Tools for Business by Emerald Works:
This interactiveself study e-learning course provides an introduction to handling difficult conversations. Using a range of realistic examples, scenarios and challenges, it is the ideal starting point to begin building your ability to conduct challenging conversations. 
Difficult Conversations 101 is for anyone looking for a clear, easy to understand introduction on the best way to handle difficult conversations in the workplace. It is part of Mind Tools for Business’ 101 Suite, designed tohelp you build your personal effectiveness as a manager or leader. 
By completing Difficult Conversations 101 you will be able to: 
outline the benefits of having a difficult conversation 
detail and apply the steps involved in preparing for a difficult conversation 
explain the importance of effective listening, feedback and reading body language in a difficult conversation 
identify reasons for negative reactions 
describe techniques to diffuse argumentative, aggressive, or hostile behaviour 

Target Audience:


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