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Cybersecurity Awareness


Course Overview

Ships are increasingly using systems that rely on digitization, digitalization, integration, and automation, which call for cyber risk management on board. As technology continues to develop, information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) onboard ships are being networked together – and more frequently connected to the internet. This brings the greater risk of unauthorized access or malicious attacks to ships’ systems and networks. Risks may also occur from personnel accessing systems on board, for example by introducing malware via removable media.
This course aims to enrich your awareness as to Cyber Security but also make you aware on the several types of threats and motives of the known threat Actors : 
·        Phishing Attacks
·        Malwares
·        Social Engineering
·        Virus Infection
·        Credential Stuffing
·        Denial of service

Target Audience:


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