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Global HSE training solutions for every need.

As part of the Fameline Holdings Group (FHG), involved in the Industrial, Healthcare, Maritime, Oil & Gas, Renewable Energy and Exploration sectors, Health, Safety & Environment is at the core of everything OneLearn Global does. We are here to make safety straight forward, engaging, as well as simplify a subject which is sometimes seen as somewhat complicated.

Whether training in the workplace is required for safely entering into enclosed spaces, working aloft, fire risk assessment, first aid procedures, correct forklift operation, or simply protecting the back when physically lifting an object, OneLearn Global is able to provide bespoke training and the skills needed to work safely and confidently in the industrial sector. Furthermore, we support our customers with one goal, namely, to improve their operational health, safety and environmental performance, thus ensuring they have the safest workplace possible.

Together, we will make safety simple.

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