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Anxiety and Fatigue

Author: MHSS
Format: Self Paced
Price: USD 15.00

Course Overview:

We all know how stressful and challenging today's world is. It is quite normal for us to experience psychological changes while trying to cope with long-term stressful life challenges. Especially working in a limited resources environment like vessels. When we are dealing with long-term stress. When we try to cope with the stress that continues for a long time, our probability of experiencing anxiety and fatigue increases considerably. This course will help you understand anxiety and fatigue more deeply and you will recognize the symptoms of those on yourself and others. Lastly, it will teach you how to handle these conditions.


At the end of the training course the participant shall:

  • Understanding the symptoms of Anxiety and Fatigue
  • Practical tools and techniques for reducing anxiety and increasing empowerment and happiness

Section 1: What is anxiety?

Section 2: Symptoms of anxiety

Section 3: Types of anxiety disorders

Section 4: Long terms effects of anxiety

Section 5:  What is fatigue?

Section 6:  What are the signs that fatigue could be linked to anxiety?

Section 7:  Link between anxiety and poor sleep

Section 8: What can you do?

Section 9: How can you support an employee or colleague?



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